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Idols – 1973

Photographs by Gilles Larrain
Edited by Ralph Gibson

To Jean and Dominique de Ménil

These arresting photographs may delight you. Perhaps the will offend you. They will almost certainly inspire you to ask questions about yourself and your sexuality. They will not leave you cold. The Halloween glamour of the transvestite world is captured in these 55 superb photographs by Gilles Larrain. And, beneath the glitter and the pose, you will see the questing and vulnerable souls of people you might never meet outside these pages. People living out their fantasies, gallantly, brilliantly, and desperately – posing the disturbing challenge, “Who do you think YOU are?”

Foreword of the hardcover edition of Idols, published by Links, New York, London, 1973

Note from the webteam: This series of photos is a faithfull reproduction of the book Idols. The original order of photos, layout and proportions have been truly respected.

© 1973 Studio Gilles Larrain, Inc.
All rights reserved
ISBN 0-8256-3019-3 (soft cover)
ISBN 0-8256-3020-7 (hard cover)
Library of Congress Card catalog Number 73-81030
No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permission of the Author. Lotta Love, Gilles Larrain Studio, 1972