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Dark Angels

Gilles and Louda Larrain Photo by Martin Roe

Is an ongoing project that found its seeds in childhood memories of role playing superheroes mythology. When my son Lasco was born in 1991 the numerous toys he received (most of them action heroes) animated the desire to playfully create tableaux installations where the symbolism of theirs powers were integrated in every day created situations.

Dark Angels series transformed slowly from a playful intuition to more complex constructions of enigmatic meanings brining into play the representation of superheroes figures from pop culture to a vivid complex interaction of social, political, sexual associations that finally evolves into a psychic framing of an American mythology. To some degree it is a visitation of the pop art mystique of the sixties adapted to the language of the post 9/11 realities.

When Louda entered this project a certain shift in paradigm occurred. She brought her creative supercharged energies into the game and fusing together our creativity, polarity of vision, the ying/yang, masculine/feminine, sexuality and politics, black/white, color.

A new garden was planted and is blossoming with every season on its own right.

What we plant is not necessarily what grows. And this is one of the major aspects of the project. We never know before hand what will happen. It’s always an unintended surprise.

The title creates the image or the image defines the title. It really happens that way.

Often we use human anatomy as a landscape. Why then nudity? Because we have a body. Because sex is political. Nudity is revealing and transformative. And nudity is a certain personal philosophy.

Vice is virtue and vice versa.