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The Art of Portrait Photography

Welcome to the Summersite Workshops of 1996. For 15 Years ICP has organiced a series of challenging summer courses and workshops, and as the new Coordinator of Summer Programs, I am proud to carry forward that thradition. • This year, in addition to thereturning faculty members who in past seasins offered encouragement and inspiration, we have invited several new teachers who are prominent in their field. Among them, Gilles Larrain, and Roy Volkmann have generously agreed to bring students inside ther commercial studios for a ‘real life’ professional experience. Robert J. Hennessey, a master printer, will demonstrate half-tone and palladium-platinum printing. Renow French photojournalist Marc Riboud and New York Times Chief Photographer Lee Romero will share their lifelong expertise in the field. Artist John Coplans will present his vision of the human body, while Joyce George, John Milisenda and Gurt Rowell will add new insights to our field of vision. • We welcome back National Geographic veteran Sam Abell, documentarian Wendy Ewald, photohistorian Ben Lifson, and Fred Ritchin, a photo editor and new media specialist. • New this year are several digita; workshops tailored to introduce photographers and artists to the ultiple possibilities of this innovative technology. • This Summer promises to be that special time when you can assess your creative needs and find new directions. I invite you to join us and will look forward to seeing you at the ICP.

– Carole Naggar, Coordinator, Summersite Programs ’96

Eva Yerva Buena
Tia Juana La del Pipa y Nieta
Miles Davis
Wynton Marsalis