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Daily Life – A Day A Year A Millennium

Formative period in The Basin of Mexico 1000 B.C. – 100 A.D.

Museo Nacional De Antropologia, Mexico D.F.

This book is a journey through time and space, a voyage made possible thanks to the arduous and fascinating work done by countless researchers of the past. In the process, we shall have an opportunity to gain insights into the lifeways of men and women who lived in thousands of years ago, and who learned to make good use of a natural environment not totally unfamiliar to us. The pursuits of those people, as we shall later see, were geared to meeting the same basic needs that motivate us today to work and live together in society. Those men and women are both distant and close to us: so much so that we might recognize in them essential features of our present day character.

It is often said that Mexico is a country with an age-old cultural tradition. Those who have studied our ancient history never fail to marvel at the veracity of that statement. And as we come to know more about pre-Hispanic man and the way in which the ancient settlers of what is now Mexico succeeded in building great civilizations and institutions as simple as they were efficient, as we learn of the ways in which they successfully applied their vast knowledge of the world around them, or of their deep respect for the order of things in Nature, a mirror begins to take shape in our hands, a mirror that gives us an increasingly clear image of our own reflection.