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Danielle Malka - E-shave President Danielle Malka
ê Shave President

Gilles Larrain will accept one last campaign of advertisement, about a product called ê-Shave, because he both likes the product and the way it is designed. “When art can help to promode beauty, it is a synergy you just cannot refuse”, he says.

After that, one will also see in an advertisement a part of his work that was never intended for that purpose : X. will use one of his Flamenco photographs as a last cover of Popular Photography Magazine in August 2006.

Creating for me is a source of life. I need to periodically immerse myself in the creation of a piece, be it a painting, a sculpture or – as I am doing now – a new shaving accessory. For me Art is everywhere. I am inspired by everything I see, a movement, a dance, a shape, a painting, a photo…some form of art that I translate in a practical object for shaving. Playing with forms, movements, and a touch of humor, I create those small "objets d’art" that change the way one thinks of shaving and bring performance, fun and sensuality to the most mundane daily routine."

– Danielle Malka
ê Shave President